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1927 Lakeview Dr

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Step into the Future with the New Home of BZW Master Painters!

An Overdue Update + Upgrade Into A Modern Website

Welcome to the new Online Experience of BZW Mater Painters! We are pumped to finally release our revamped website! The new platform has been designed to provide an improved experience for both BZW’s valued customers and dedicated staff. The time has come for a fresh look and modernized functionality, and we’re excited to share it with you.

The new website is powered by Blown2Particles’ Business Blast, a custom-tailored website communications suite, which empowers a business to effectively communicate with customers & community by providing a toolset that makes sharing your story, seem easy. With this advanced tool, the team at BZW is empowered to keep you informed about company news and showcase our completed projects. Stay up-to-date or share the latest happenings at BZW Master Painters with just a few clicks.

But that’s not all! The new website also serves as a company information hub for BZW employees, ensuring quick and easy access to important resources. Whether they need to find job assignments, contact information, company updates, or even driving directions, our staff can now conveniently access everything they need from their smartphones. Blown2Particles believes that providing our clients with the tools they need for seamless communication and efficient operations is crucial to their future success.

Armed with cutting-edge online technology, BZW Master Painters is ready to make its mark in Northern Indiana’s digital realms. At Blown2Particles we are excited to root for Team BZW as they harness the power of technology to accelerate growth and streamline communications with their customers.

Again, Welcome to the new BZW home page—where a commitment to delivering an exceptional online experience for both clients & their guests is of the highest priority.

Are you interested in learning more about how updating your business’ website can contribute to accelerated growth and streamlined communications? Visit BLOWN2PARTICLES.COM for further information. We invite you to explore the possibilities and embark on a digital transformation journey with us.


Take A Look At Some Of The Highlights!

Our old site had outlived its ability to adapt and did not work well with smart phones. The new update restored the functionality for a smooth easy experience for all our visitors, plus we implemented new tools for our employees to provide an up-to-date communications portal at their finger tips!
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