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1927 Lakeview Dr

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About us

Explore Where We've Been & Where We Are Headed!

in the beginning...

Established in 1978 by founders John Brogan, John Zimmerman, and Mark Wall, BZW Master Painters, LLC has been dedicated to providing exceptional painting services. Over the past four decades, our company has grown and thrived under the leadership of Zimmerman and Brogan, expanding our reach and reputation in the industry.

In 2020, discussions began about transitioning ownership to the next generation of employees, leading to an exciting new chapter in BZW’s history.

In 2022, the official change of ownership took place, marking a significant milestone for our company. Introducing Skylar Bradley and Nic Rosselot as the new owners. Nic’s extensive expertise in the field and Skylar’s project management background have positioned them as the dynamic new owners of BZW Master Painters. With a blend of experience, innovation, and dedication, they are leading our company toward continued success.

As BZW embarks on this new era, we remain committed to the values that have guided us since our inception: delivering top-quality painting services, building lasting client relationships, and staying at the forefront of industry trends. Our rich history and the expertise of our new ownership ensure that BZW Master Painters will continue to thrive and grow as we serve our clients with excellence.

Join us and experience the difference that comes from working with a company backed by decades of experience and a fresh vision for success.

founders about
John Brogan (left), John Zimmerman (right)
owners about
Skylar Bradley (left), Nic Rosselot (right)

Our Mission

Our goal is to transform spaces through our expert commercial painting services. With meticulous craftsmanship, premium quality materials, and an established process, BZW goes beyond a fresh coat of paint.

Each member of our skilled team of professionals is trained to listen and work closely with you to bring your vision to life, ensuring minimal disruption and exceeding your expectations. We offer custom solutions for painting, drywall specialties, and more. All are aimed at creating remarkable results that leave lasting impressions.

BZW’s long-standing reputation, skilled employees, and customer-first approach are the key ingredients to making your space truly exceptional. Contact us today and find out for yourself!

Why BZW?

Discover why we are the right choice for your painting projects. We create spaces that inspire, captivate, and make lasting impressions.

Contact our teams today for a consultation and experience the impact our expertise can have for your business.

a part of our history

We pay tribute to the retirees and cherished colleagues of BZW who have dedicated their careers to our company. Their contributions have made a lasting impact, shaping our history and success.

We celebrate their expertise, unwavering commitment, and mentorship, which have inspired us and continue to guide our path. To their families and loved ones, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for their support.

We honor the legacies of these exceptional individuals and carry forward their values as we move ahead.

Jimmie Rosselot

Length of Employment: 39 years